Monday, April 25, 2016

'Anti-gay hate group leader implies violence against transgender women' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Anita Staver, like her husband, is a piece of bad work.

Liberty Counsel President Anita Staver: I’m Taking My Glock .45 To Target To Protect Against Trans People - You know, some people just bring hand sanitizer or air freshener. I'm really not surprised. The Liberty Counsel is one of the main pushers of the false idea of the "transgender bathroom predator" She is merely taking it up a notch. 

Democratic Lawmakers in North Carolina File Bill to Repeal HB 2 – VIDEOS - Keep your fingers crossed. We can only hope NC does the right thing.

 Comparing Ted Cruz to Strom Thurmond - a video exercise - My post from this morning. History's connection between transphobia and racism. 

 Social Conservatives Think This Story Justifies Anti-Trans Bathroom Laws. They Are Very Confused. - Not just a false story, but a perfect example how a new enemy of the lgbt community are right-wing publications automatically given legitimacy as credible publications, legitimacy which doesn't go away no matter how many times they are discovered to be inaccurate. 

 The Push To Deny LGBT Americans Their Basic Rights, Explained - Pay attention . . . 

 Bryan Fischer: Anti-LGBT Officials Are American Heroes, Like Harriet Tubman - Your daily taste of comedy. 

photo courtesy of JoeMyGod.

Comparing Ted Cruz to Strom Thurmond - a video exercise

Isn't it uncanny how Sen. Ted Cruz demeaning the transgender community:

Sounds nauseatingly similar to the late Sen. Strom Thurmond attacking African-Americans while defending segregation:

The point here is not to compare the African-American civil rights movement with the lgbt movement for equality.

 Rather, the point here is to remind folks how it is so easy to appeal to people's fears, hate, and prejudices. Just find a scapegoat and have it.

The formula never changes because, unfortunately, it is so successful.