Monday, April 25, 2016

Comparing Ted Cruz to Strom Thurmond - a video exercise

Isn't it uncanny how Sen. Ted Cruz demeaning the transgender community:

Sounds nauseatingly similar to the late Sen. Strom Thurmond attacking African-Americans while defending segregation:

The point here is not to compare the African-American civil rights movement with the lgbt movement for equality.

 Rather, the point here is to remind folks how it is so easy to appeal to people's fears, hate, and prejudices. Just find a scapegoat and have it.

The formula never changes because, unfortunately, it is so successful.

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steevee said...

Without wanting to make a direct comparison, I can see parallels between the view of trans women as sexual predators and the racist stereotype of African-American men as beasts out to have sex with white women. And, of course, trans women of color are probably the most discriminated against group in the U.S.