Tuesday, April 21, 2020

'Advocates to Congress: don't use relief bill to discriminate against LGBTQ Americans' & other Wed midday news briefs

Advocates to Congress: Don't use relief bill to discriminate against LGBTQ Americans - Don't EVEN think about discriminating. 

Donald Trump is merely the symptom. Fox News is the disease.

 The Donald Trump Administration will not last forever. Whether it will slither away or go down in a blaze of shame is irrelevant. We've been ignoring the real problem and it's not Trump. Trump is merely a symptom. The actual problem is the Fox News network and the ugly propaganda it successfully spews. Just like it helped to create the tea party:

and the Trump presidency:

and the demonization of Obama:

Fox News and its goons will work extensively to give birth to more liars, sheep-like protesters, and  general havoc.   One example of this is how the network is helping to undermine the fight against COVID-19 via giving a platform and support to the coronavirus protests:

While we rail at Trump, we fail to recognize that behind his rise and the basic lowering of American integrity, common sense, and basic goodness is Fox News;  propaganda network preaching that greed is good, selfishness is wonderful, and resentment is a virtue. Many of us like to say that what's happening during the Trump Administration isn't normal. We need to stretch that to emphasize that the Fox News isn't normal. And it's not healthy. 

'Marriage equality blamed for coronavirus (again)' & other Tue midday news briefs

Pat Robertson 

Eight of 10 most-banned books challenged for LGBTQ content - Some things never change.