Sunday, March 17, 2019

'Family Guy' and gay Stewie - how did the religious right miss THAT?

As I do on this blog from time to time, let's ease into the week by talking about something completely frivolous.

  On the risk of starting some stupid argument about "political correctness" (which will be full of people throwing around the term without  any nuance of what it actually means), I hear that the show 'Family Guy' will be phasing out gay jokes. And this is a good thing because the show was awful to the LGBTQ community.

Still, I am amazed about how the character of Stewie Griffin practically got away with being portrayed as gay. Granted, I suppose it is better than his original characterization - an insane megalomaniac genius who wanted to murder his mother and take over the world - but still with all of the whining religious right groups and figures such as Franklin Graham and the American Family Association does, it amazes me that they didn't scream bloody murder about the above clips.