Sunday, April 30, 2023

Poll - over half of registered voters say attack on transgender community is a major problem


From The Hill

More than half of registered voters believe political attacks on transgender children and families are a “major problem,” according to a Fox News poll. The poll found that 57 percent of respondents said the attacks are a major problem, while 26 percent said they are a minor problem. Only 15 percent said they were not a problem, while 3 percent said they were unsure. The results come as numerous states have approved legislation targeting the rights of LGBTQ individuals. 

 . . .The Fox poll did find that 54 percent of respondents said female transgender athletes competing in women’s sports is a major problem, while 27 percent said it is a minor problem. Only 18 percent said it is not a problem.

People may have a difference of opinion about particular trans issues (i.e. trans athletes competing), but one thing which gets them all united is the distaste of seeing trans people getting picked on.

While GOP state legislators have the power to make anti-trans laws, what they don't have is the power to control the narrative. All of their justifications for these attacks on trans people (attacks on gender-affirming care with grim and false anecdotes of children being sterilized and castrated) doesn't seem to be registering with the public. Also the Republican Party can't seem to temper themselves or their allies from being downright meanspirited in their attacks on trans people. When you have state officials moving to ban all gender-affirming care (in spite of claims of only wanting to protect children) and social media wannabe influencers spewing nonsense about 'eradicating transgenderism' or verbally assault the trans community practically every day, you aren't building up credibility. You are coming across as downright scary.

This translates as a problem to the Republican Party. Coupled with DeSantis's attacks on Disney, abortion bans, the attacks on education, the refusal to do something about gun violence, and the book banning across the country, the GOP is crafting an image designed to turn off voters.