Thursday, August 07, 2014

Nope. Sorry. STILL gay

As pointed out in today's news briefs, the discredited ex-gay therapy group, NARTH, is attempting to  re-brand itself as another organization. This effort is probably going to go as by as fictional newsbreak put out by the organization announcing this move.

On the risk of sounding like I'm "slut-shaming" (I'm not), notice something very "perky" about the female anchor. Sad to say for NARTH's sake, it didn't work on me:

'Fox News, anti-gay Family Research Council share 'cozy relationship'' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Megyn Kelly’s Cozy Relationship With An Anti-Gay Hate Group Leader - In spite of the Family Research Council being declared an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center due to its long history of attacking the lgbt community via lies, bad science, and unsubstantiated charges, according to Equality Matters, (FRC president) "Tony Perkins has appeared on Megyn Kelly’s shows more than all other Fox News programs combined over the past two years." In addition, Kelly has done her level best to "whitewash" FRC's and Perkins's attacks on the lgbt community. It's really the ethical equivalent of using racist leader David Duke as a commentating authority on racial issues.

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Sen. Rand Paul met with NOM affiliate group - It wasn't that I was ever going to consider voting for Paul should he run for president. This just enhances my intentions to see that he never sits in the Oval Office as executive and chief. 

 Bridal Store Denies Same Sex Couple Gowns in Bloomsburg - As I understand it, this is perfectly legal, but that's fine. Once marriage equality becomes legal, they will be begging to take our money and if not, we simply go to the stores which will or, even better, create our own bridal shops.  

Discredited ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Group, NARTH, Undergoes Major Rebranding Effort - Thanks to pushy lgbt bloggers (moi amongst others), groups such as Truth Wins Out, and others, this poor attempt at subterfuge just ain't gonna fly. 

Gay Widower Shares Heartbreaking Story Of Why He's Suing Alabama - A crusade with a purpose.

FRC's Peter Sprigg attempts to rewrite facts about flawed Regnerus study

Peter Sprigg of FRC
It never ceases to amaze me how low Family Research Council spokesman Peter Sprigg will stoop in various columns, pieces, and posts to deceive people in regards to situations about the lgbt community. I've written about Sprigg's lies and distortions on numerous occasions.

Yesterday in anticipation of the four six cases which will decide the fate of marriage equality in four states, he attempted a rehash of the Michigan case earlier this year which overturned the anti-marriage equality law in that state. He also attempted to tarnish the reputation of a federal judge:

In the piece Appeals Court Should Correct Judge Friedman’s Botched Social Science which appeared  in The Daily Caller, Sprigg claimed that the federal judge, Bernard Friedman, who ruled against Michigan's anti-marriage equality law, was biased against those defending that law.

Sprigg offers no concrete proof, only vapid innuendos:

 Judge Friedman was fawning in his adulation of the pro-homosexual witnesses, describing each as “fully credible” or “highly credible” and attaching either “considerable weight” or “great weight” to their testimony.

On the other hand, he simply dismissed the other witnesses. Loren Marks (whose published critique of the pro-homosexual parenting studies is, in reality, devastating) was described as “largely unbelievable.”

Then Sprigg proceeded to defend Michigan's witness, Professor Mark Regnerus. Regnerus, as many of you all know, is the author of the study which claimed that lgbt households are not a good place to raise children.