Sunday, August 01, 2021

Olympic silver medalist Raven Saunders wasn't protesting. She was celebrating.

The 2021 Olympic games will be remembered for how many times LGBTQ athletes stood up, gave notice, and showed out. Here is one time really close to my heart because it touches so many levels which affects me personally:

Olympic silver medalist Raven Saunders celebrates her win with a shout out to the LGBTQ, African-American, and all other oppressed communities.

Team USA’s Raven Saunders used her second-place win in Tokyo to speak up for the “oppressed,” she said, likely violating Olympics rules on political protest during the games. Saunders, 25, raised her hands in an "X" formation above her head on Sunday during a photo op at the podium following the medal ceremony where she accepted the silver for the women’s shot put event. 

When asked what the symbol meant, she told the Associated Press, “it’s the intersection of where all people who are oppressed meet.” "Shout out to all my Black people. Shout out to all my LGBTQ community. Shout out to all my people dealing with mental health," Saunders said. She later spoke to reporters about how meaningful the win was for her, having struggled with financial hardship and depression.

 Saunders, a native of South Carolina and who is openly gay, said her win was about so much more than herself. “I feel amazing, because I know I'm going to inspire so many people,” Saunders said. “About to inspire so many young girls, so many young boys, so many LGBTQ people, people who have battled suicide. So many people would have almost given's not, it's not just about me.”

Some folks, petty little children they are, may be whining about what she did but who cares. This time and this moment belongs to Saunders. She earned it. Saunders wasn't protesting. She was celebrating.

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