Thursday, December 06, 2018

'Trump's Favorite Things' - Randy Rainbow brutally satirizes Trump again

For all the garbage from Trump and his supporters say about him being a "counter puncher," I've noticed that one person he doesn't dare mix with is Randy Rainbow. And Randy Rainbow has been wrecking him with brilliant satirical songs ever since he came into office. Such as this newest one.

Of course this probably means that Trump isn't as dumb as he is letting on. If he took on Randy Rainbow in a war of words, he would probably end up figuratively flat on his back as soon as it began.

'Anti-LGBTQ industry angry over re-evaluation of flawed anti-trans study' & other Thur midday news briefs

Anti-LGBTQ media and groups have been crying "censorship" as flawed research on trans teens is re-evaluated - Someone came out with a flawed anti-transgender study on teens. A lot of us broke down the flaws (it relied on studies from anti-trans websites), causing the study to be re-evaluated AND members of the anti-LGBTQ industry are whining about "censorship." Awww poor babies. You mad? Stay mad! 

Indiana school banned Gay-Straight Alliance from saying ‘gay’ and ‘LGBT’ - How about "superior awesome folks?" Seriously though thank you ACLU for filing this lawsuit and standing up for our LGBTQ kids.

 'Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters' chosen for inclusion in The Advocate 'Best of 2018' - The post from this morning which I am spotlighting again because it's SUCH wonderful news for this blog. However I will not shy from doing the work which makes this blog a success. No celebration free day today (although I will be listening to Beyonce's 'Formation' from time to time).  

A man who helped kidnap a lesbian’s daughter blames it all on Obama - AND he is going to jail. I haven't forgotten about this tragedy of a case. And the mother still hasn't been reunited with her daughter.

'Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters' chosen for inclusion in The Advocate 'Best of 2018'

When I began this blog in 2006, I simply wanted to call attention to how the anti-LGBTQ industry was harming the LGBTQ community with their usage of lies, junk science, and cherry-picked science.

I never thought that it would receive a great amount of success and attention both nationally and internationally. I never thought that it would even reach one million hits, to say nothing of over six million. I never thought it would receive a GLAAD Media Award out of three nominations.

And I certainly never expected this honor:

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters was chosen for inclusion
 in 'Best of 2018' issue of The Advocate.

I feel blessed whenever all of the hard work put into this blog is recognized. I feel equally blessed because of all of the support I've received over the years from all of you. For that, I say THANK YOU.

This blog is a work created out of anger, frustration, righteous indignation, and lots of tears. Its origins are from many locales, including my childhood, the loneliness of my dorm room and fraternity house at Winthrop University, and especially the Harriet Hancock Community Center here in Columbia, SC

But the work continues. It always does.

 It's my hope that every honor and accolade gives this blog and its focus much needed attention. There is a war going on against LGBTQ equality and it has been for several decades now. Via a facade of religion, evangelical right-wing organizations and personalities have pitted the LGBTQ community and heterosexual people of all faiths against one another by exploiting the Bible, egos, stereotypes, fears, and prejudices.

While claiming to be the preservers of faith, groups like the Family Research Council, the Alliance Defending Freedom, the Heritage Foundation, the American Family Association, etc have freely pushed propaganda making it seem that the LGBTQ community is evil and unhealthy, that we aren't deserving of equality, that we constantly plot to destroy religion, and recruit children.

And it is a lie which needs to be addressed, called out, and picked apart for the nonsense that it is. That's what this blog has done for over 12 years. And that is what this blog will continue to do.

To the right are several of my best posts (The Best of Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters Parts1 and 2) over the years detailing and refuting anti-LGBTQ propaganda. They are a cornucopia of information about anti-LGBTQ hate groups, religious right organizations, and their homophobic propaganda.

In addition, check out 'How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on Gay America.'  It's a free online booklet I published in 2013.

The 'Best of 2018' issue of The Advocate should be out already.  Buy a copy and check out The Advocate online.