Thursday, February 29, 2024

Delusional Chaya Raichik talks about 'eradicating gender ideology'

 I got this courtesy of Ari Drennen from Media Matters:

Chaya, please. You are delusional. You actually think you're special.

Do you think you are the first person who tried to take any part of the LGBTQ community out? We've faced bigger, prettier, and more intelligent wannabes than you. And we've always remained standing. We know how to fight, to endure, and win. You are simply another future notch in our belt.

You cannot "eradicate" the "gender ideology" because it doesn't exist. Just like the "radical gay agenda" or the "radical homosexual agenda" doesn't exist. No matter how many phrases people like you use to dehumanize and no matter how many lies you tell, you can't wipe us out.

The trans community - the LGBTQ community in general - has existed long before this country and no bowling pinheaded, flavorless wannabe with bad split ends is going to do us in. We aren't going anywhere. And we will be here when someone develops enough holy water to banish a certain piece of unwanted, unloved, unneeded gutter trash to the depths of hell's toilet where she was obviously formed.