Monday, November 04, 2013

Surprise! Children react positively to marriage equality and the world doesn't explode

Anti-gay groups are constantly complaining that any idea of marriage equality would harm children by supposedly confusing them or warping their minds. I think this video of children, ages 5-13, viewing two videos of marriage equality proposals destroys that silly theory.

'Senate likes ENDA, Boehner hates ENDA' and other Monday midday news briefs

Republican Senator Dean Heller Becomes Critical 60th Vote For LGBT Job Protections - The good news? ENDA looks like it will be approved by the Senate. 

John Boehner Opposes ENDA, Dealing Blow To Bill's Chances - Bad news? It's opposed by Speaker of the House Boehner, the same guy who spent an obscenely amount of taxpayer money on a crappy DOMA defense.  

Maine Congressman Michael Michaud Comes Out As Gay: ‘But Why Should It Matter?’ - Other than ENDA, THIS has been the talk of the morning. And he running for governor of Maine, too. Will Maine get a gay governor? I hope so.  

Klingenschmitt & Will Perkins: Gays Want Marriage Rights In Order To Gain Access To Children - Of course this makes no sense at all, but does it EVER make sense with these people?

How An 'Anti-Gay' Mississippi Town Stopped A Gay Bar From Opening - What was that song about Mississippi by Nina Simone? 'GODDAMN MISSISSIPPI!'