Monday, November 04, 2013

'Senate likes ENDA, Boehner hates ENDA' and other Monday midday news briefs

Republican Senator Dean Heller Becomes Critical 60th Vote For LGBT Job Protections - The good news? ENDA looks like it will be approved by the Senate. 

John Boehner Opposes ENDA, Dealing Blow To Bill's Chances - Bad news? It's opposed by Speaker of the House Boehner, the same guy who spent an obscenely amount of taxpayer money on a crappy DOMA defense.  

Maine Congressman Michael Michaud Comes Out As Gay: ‘But Why Should It Matter?’ - Other than ENDA, THIS has been the talk of the morning. And he running for governor of Maine, too. Will Maine get a gay governor? I hope so.  

Klingenschmitt & Will Perkins: Gays Want Marriage Rights In Order To Gain Access To Children - Of course this makes no sense at all, but does it EVER make sense with these people?

How An 'Anti-Gay' Mississippi Town Stopped A Gay Bar From Opening - What was that song about Mississippi by Nina Simone? 'GODDAMN MISSISSIPPI!'

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