Monday, August 31, 2020

Niecy Nash's wedding begins a needed conversation. Black LGBTQ people need to get a word in.

A huge topic on Monday was the news that television star, comedian, and multiple Emmy nominee Niecy Nash came out and announced her marriage to singer Jessica Betts.  To some folks, this is not major news because so many celebrities have publicly come out. However, to many folks it is a big deal because the vast majority of those celebrities are white.

It has caused much conversation and controversy in the black community with folks either congratulating the couple, whining about how could Nash "choose" a woman over a man,  and even making ridiculous comments about Betts' appearance.

But let's ignore the fake Afrocentrics and the idiotic fools determined to psychologically dissect the LGBTQ and black identities. Nash's decision to go public is yet another chance for the conversation to begin in both the LGBTQ and black communities, so I want to spotlight a few videos featuring African-American LGBTQs talking about us. These videos are just a small segment of  the diversity of LGBTQs of color. And it's just my attempt of beginning an accurate conversation which is long overdue.

Unfortunately when conversations about being black or being LGBTQ come up, there are assumptions made by both communities when it comes those of us who encompass both identities. There's not enough listening. Even on this blog. When I post blog entries featuring LGBTQ people of color, they aren't generally popular. And that's a real shame. Too many folks in both communities claim that they want to accept us but they forget that this acceptance includes listening to us.

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