Wednesday, June 09, 2010

'Porno Pete' LaBarbera wants to instruct the next generation

It always happens. Every time I promise that a certain post is coming up, something wild always comes up which causes me to pre-empt it.

Peter LaBarbera, head of the anti-gay group Americans for Truth, claims to have spent many years "tracking" and "exposing" the alleged "gay agenda."

However his legacy will be the monicker of "Porn Pete" given to him by members of the lgbt community for his penchant of going to subcultural and leather events to take pictures of gay attendees while giving heterosexual attendees a free pass.

In this age of the Rekers rentboy scandal, draw your own conclusions about this sort of behavior. I won't because I am neither a psychologist or teacher.

However, LaBarbera is now seeking to be the latter. He is actually attempting to start the "Truth Academy," which he says is designed for instructing youths (between the ages of 14 to 25) lessons in "combatting the gay agenda" and supposed homosexual "misinformation." at a cost of $99 a head.

It almost sounds like a plot out of a B-rated science fiction movie (Plan Stop the 'Queers' from Outer Space?), except for the fact that LaBarbera is serious. He has even assembled a team of "instructors," including:

Robert Knight of Coral Ridge Ministries - who has spent years demonizing the lgbt community even to the point of freely citing the discredited research of Paul Cameron, a man who publishes "research papers" accusing gays of such things as wallowing in feces and plunging gerbils up their rectums.

Knight has also in the past described lesbians as "pretty big heavy set women who look like they’ve been over working October Fest for the last six years "

Ryan Sorba, Young Conservatives of California - a man so nastily anti-gay that he was booed off of the stage at a right-wing conservative conference for his comments.

Laurie Higgins, Illinois Family Institute - who has compared the lgbt community to the Nazi Party and in a recent harangue, viciously attacked President Obama for acknowledging that June as LGBT Pride Month:

Once again, Barack Obama has affirmed his commitment to radical, subversive change; his sycophancy to the homosexual lobby; and, implicitly, his embrace of heresy.
...the sexual impulses and sexual behavior of homosexuals and cross-dressers are irrelevant to their contributions. Therefore, making irrelevant characteristics the central focus of "Pride" month as Obama did is absurd. More important, the particular irrelevant characteristics that Obama has chosen to highlight are, in the view of many, disordered and immoral.

Those who experience, for example, selfish, vain, greedy, gluttonous, deceitful, promiscuous, incestuous, sadistic, pederastic, gossipy, philandering, or polyamorous impulses and engage in behaviors impelled by such impulses have also contributed to society. How would Americans respond if the president were to proclaim June "Polyamory Pride Month"? Substituting another irrelevant and morally questionable characteristic for homosexuality brings into sharper relief the dubious nature of Obama's proclamation.

Greg Quinlan, Parents and Friends of Gays and Ex-Gays - who, when he is not distorting the words of prominent researchers such as Dr. Francis Collins, attempts to spin court defeats into victories for his fraudulent group.

And last but not least:

Matt Barber, Liberty Counsel - who has made a career out spinning the false tale of how he was fired from his job at AllState Insurance "simply" for writing an anti-gay column on "his own time," while not commenting on the allegations that he not only used company equipment to do so but also identified himself as an employee of AllState in the piece in question.

Barber is also the same man who described gay relationships as “one man violently cramming his penis into another man’s lower intestine and calling it ‘love.’”

And lest we forget, Barber is also the same man who encouraged attendees at a conference last year to go into more detail in describing gay sex acts as a way to disgust people.

Imagine him instructing 14 to 25-year-olds on how to be anti-gay.

With all due respect to LaBarbera, his "Truth Academy" and his "crackpot" team of associates, I wouldn't take my pet dog to his academy much less any youth I knew.

And  I would sincerely hope many others would have the good common sense not to either.

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Rep. Ike Skelton uses children to shield his homophobia and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Rep. Ike Skelton is concerned DADT repeal would harm the children - I am SO TIRED of the "won't someone think of the children" excuse for homophobia. I'm preparing a special post on it for tonight. Watch for it.

Audio: 'The beginning of the end of America' - Can we get any more repulsively overdramatic?

Easy victories for incumbent judges - A religious right plan to highjack the California judiciary goes down in flames. Life is good.

Oklahoma's first openly transgender candidate will face Kern in fall election - It would be so awesome for Kern to lose to this candidate! Talk about kismet.

Center for gay Latinos opens in D.C. - I'm all for this! The needs of EVERYONE in the lgbt community should be met.

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Anti-gay church disowns member

Two things about this clip:

1. No matter how much we laugh at how the Westboro Baptist Church makes homophobic fools of themselves, we shouldn't forget that there are real people, and not stick figures, being harmed by homophobic rhetoric. Hatred has a way of doing that.

2. For those who may say that Lauren is better off, I slightly disagree. Sometimes, it's hard to kick aside family, no matter how nasty they may seem.

Hat tip to and

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