Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Rep. Ike Skelton uses children to shield his homophobia and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Rep. Ike Skelton is concerned DADT repeal would harm the children - I am SO TIRED of the "won't someone think of the children" excuse for homophobia. I'm preparing a special post on it for tonight. Watch for it.

Audio: 'The beginning of the end of America' - Can we get any more repulsively overdramatic?

Easy victories for incumbent judges - A religious right plan to highjack the California judiciary goes down in flames. Life is good.

Oklahoma's first openly transgender candidate will face Kern in fall election - It would be so awesome for Kern to lose to this candidate! Talk about kismet.

Center for gay Latinos opens in D.C. - I'm all for this! The needs of EVERYONE in the lgbt community should be met.

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