Friday, October 06, 2017

News brief special - Is Sessions Trump's 'point man' in undermining LGBTQ rights?

Jeff Sessions
Jeff Sessions Just Issued New Guidance On Protecting “Religious Liberty” - Just as I was sitting down to work on something else, this sprung up. It may mean nothing. But then I don't trust Jeff Sessions. At all: 

In developing the guidance, the Justice Department consulted with religious and political groups with a history of opposing protections for LGBT people. A Justice Department official said those groups included the Mormon Church, the Alliance Defending Freedom, and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. The Justice Department also consulted with the the American Civil Liberties Union, which supports LGBT rights. An official said the department did not consult “specifically” with LGBT groups. Particularly irritating to conservatives, former President Barack Obama issued an executive order in 2014 that banned discrimination against federal workers and contractors on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, and issued guidance that says Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects transgender workers. A Justice Department official, asked if the new guidance would conflict with the Obama executive order, said that order remains in effect and would continue to apply to non-religious contractors. The new guidance does not legalize discrimination, the official said.

Sessions Memo Attempts To Undermine LGBT Rights As Pledged By Trump - Another look at the developing situation. 

Under Trump and Sessions, the Department of Justice has recast itself as LGBTQ Americans’ staunchest opponent - NASTY! 

LGBTQ Groups Blast Jeff Sessions For Reversing Trans Workplace Protections - Speaking of which, I think this will be unfortunately a common occurrence.

  35 People Who Transitioned On How It Impacted Their Mental Health - No matter what, our people will not be stopped in the pursuit of being their authentic selves. 

 Tent City Sprouts on National Mall For ‘Holy Spirit Woodstock’ and Dominionist Rally - When the Dominionists get together, it can only mean trouble for us folks.