Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dear Ms. News Anchor who doesn't want to see gays kiss, Anderson Cooper wants a word with you

This speaks for itself. Handle yo' business, Anderson:

'Tony Perkins caught telling embarrassingly false story about Obama, lgbts, Armed Forces' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

Tony Perkins
Tony Perkins Falsely Claims Obama Was Too Busy Pushing Gay Rights 'To Acknowledge Armed Forces Day' - No, today is not Let's Pick on Tony Perkins" Day. Granted, I loathe the man and his anti-gay hate group, the Family Research Council. I also despise how his every word figuratively sets Christianity back to the days of Torquemada and the Bloody Mary Tudor of England. But most of all, I just can't respect a man who will tell a lie so embarrassingly easy to expose such as this one he spins about Obama pushing lgbt equality instead of acknowledging our fighting men and women. Betcha Perkins won't acknowledge or apologize for the error either. 

Florida Lawmaker Stands By Claim That Common Core Turns Kids Gay - I missed the memo on this one. I thought we were still using Smurf episodes.

 Uncovered Papers Show Past Government Efforts to Drive Gays From Jobs - This is a huge scoop and a national shame.  

Gallup: Nationwide Support for Gay Marriage at All-Time High - I believe the word you are looking for is BAMMM!  

Linda Harvey: HIV Prevention Drugs Lead To 'Racial Cleansing' - Of course Linda Harvey doesn't care about preventing disease. To her, it's all about gay sex. Girlfriend needs Jesus.

Editor's note - photo of Tony Perkins taken from The Huffington Post.