Thursday, February 09, 2017

'Trump caught between religious right, lgbt communities' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Conservative Christian organizations are getting impatient with Trump - Hardly noticed by the media is the conundrum facing Donald Trump when it comes to the religious right and the lgbt community. Allow me to break it down in my inimitable style. It's all figurative but I think you will get the point: Behind Donald Trump is the religious right roughly shoving him forward saying "we got you the White House so now you need to do what we demand. Sign that executive order and push hard for other things which would make discrimination against 'homosexuals' legal on a religious basis. OR ELSE!" In front of Trump stands the lgbt community wearing bathrobes and curlers, one hand on hip and the other hand holding either thick rolling pins or pots of boiling hot grits. And they are saying "yeah Donald, you go ahead and do that."
Texas lawmaker mocks ‘dudes in dresses getting beat up’ - Dear Texas lawmaker, making fun of the transgender community does NOTHING to quell rumors that you yourself are gay. So perhaps you stop doing it.

Incredible 50-Part Docuseries Explores The Lives Of Queer Men Of Color In NYC - I love it! BUT if I can be just a tad picky, let's not focus too much on just on NYC. People tend to forget the culture of gay men of color down South.

This Man Wants Gay Sikhs To Know It’s OK To Come Out - This is wonderful!

Democrats propose new bills to repeal HB2, extend LGBT protections - Keep your fingers crossed.