Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Comedy sketch gives the inside view of the homophobic mind

I've never been one to subscribe to the theory that the loudest homophobes are secretly gay because frankly, I don't care whether they are or not. But having said that, let me also say that the following skit from over 30 years ago courtesy of the short-lived comedy sketch show Fridays has me thinking with regards to the mindset of those who shout the loudest against the lgbt community. I have never laughed so hard in a long time:

'Possible Va legislation designed to stamp out lgbt equality' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

Va. lawmaker wants to allow widespread discrimination against LGBT individuals - You REALLY need to read the text of this awful bill. It's not talking solely about gays who get married. It targets ALL lgbts and gives a good idea of where the anti-gay right will be headed.

Archbishop Of Miami Threatens To Fire Employees Who Support Marriage Equality - Talk about your stank attitudes.
Conservative uses teen’s suicide to smear transgender people as demon-possessed lunatics - Just sad trash.

 Look: Here's The Latest Map Of Marriage Equality In America - Here's something guaranteed to make you smile. 

Jeb Bush: 'Respect' My Opposition to Your Civil Rights Because 'Religious Liberty' - I respect it, but that doesn't mean I'm going to sit on the side and just smile while you attempt to make me a second-class citizen. I respect your opposition, now you respect my dignity as a human being and my family.