Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Family Research Council can't stop lying about The Vatican, Kim Davis, and SPLC

Tony Perkins can't stop lying.
The push back by the Vatican on the claim that the Pope met with anti-gay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis has really struck a nerve with some anti-gay groups.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research added some spin to the situation:

Pouncing on the private nature of the meeting, everyone from Reuters to the Associated Press is casting doubt on the nature of the get-together, and whether -- in fact -- the Vatican actually invited the Davises to meet the Pontiff. Some reporters are now insisting it was a random encounter, which is laughable considering the amount of security involved in the Pope's visit. In a place like the Vatican Embassy, there's absolutely no way the two parties could have accidentally crossed paths. As Liberty Counsel explained, the Davises were actually transported to the meeting by van by the Vatican's own men. Kim was even asked to wear her hair up so that she'd be less recognizable.

Ultimately, the Davises ended up in a private room, where "no one else [was] present." When the Pope arrived, he stretched out his hands and encouraged Kim to "stay strong," something that wouldn't have made sense unless he was familiar with her case. Now, several days later, the Vatican's communications shop seems intent on giving the media a story where there is none. Pressed by reporters, Spokesman Federico Lombardi appeared to backtrack on the significance of the meeting, suggesting that no one should construe the invitation as an endorsement of Kim.

So Perkins is basically relying on the words of the Liberty Counsel, the organization whose credibility took a tremendous beating  over this incident and a certain other false claim it made recently regarding a Peruvian rally in Davis's honor.