Friday, February 02, 2018

'Same-sex promposal creates ridiculous drama at AL high school' & other Friday midday news briefs

Same-sex promposal leads to suspensions and walkout at Alabama high school - A young girl asked her girlfriend to the prom and the school freaked out, thereby causing a bunch of unnecessary mess. Seems to me the attempts to supposedly "protect" the children is worse than the thing folks claim they need protection from. 

Black History is LGBTQ History - You damn right!

Honoring Black LGBTQ Icons - And on that same note . . . 

FRC's Tony Perkins furious at article spotlighting religious right takeover of HHS - My post from last night because of article below:

The religious activists on the rise inside Trump's health department - THIS is the article Tony Perkins doesn't want you to read. Especially the part about how his folks are attempting to gak the courts.

'Bathroom bill' author gets a Republican primary challenger in North Carolina -Yes! "Primary" that fool!