Monday, November 07, 2022

Enjoy these scenes from 'Young Frankenstein. Also don't forget to VOTE!

 Tuesday is the mid-term election and regardless of the narrative, polling is all over the place. I highly emphasize that we get out and vote and please ignore the polls no matter what direction they may be going. Don't get too happy or too discouraged. Remember that it is a process and those of us fighting for fairness should never stop and never give up. Having said that, I plan to take two melatonin gummies and retire early tomorrow evening. Whatever happens, I refuse to deal with it until Wednesday morning.

In the meantime, enjoy these clips from one of the funniest movies of all time, Young Frankenstein. It's a reminder that sometimes you shouldn't take life so seriously. No matter what.

'Schools having to deal with bad rumors of furries and litter boxes in classrooms' & other Mon midday news brief

Schools all over are being forced to deal with parents angry about furries & litter boxes- This right here is some seriously insane mess. It underscores how certain people with power aren't being good gatekeepers. You still have a responsibility to not say anything you feel you want to.