Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Far right conservatives go apoplectic over news that Pete and Chasten Buttigieg are going to become parents

Peter and Chasten Buttigieg are going to be parents and the far right simply cannot handle the news.

By now, unless you've been living in a cave with a huge rock as the door, you know that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his husband, Chasten, are going to be parents.

The news was met with many expressions of joy and kind words for the lucky couple. But not in every area of the country and every area online.  On the far right site Free Republic (as in further to the right of Vlad Tepes, Elizabeth Bathory, Ivan the Terrible, and Delphine LaLaurie) conservatives were furious. To say that their comments were just downright ugly is an understatement:

Paedophiles gonna be paedophiles. 

excuse my while I puke... 

Can you imagine explaining to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, George Patton and Davy Crockett that two butt diddling sickos can get married and have a kid... oh yeah... and be in the president’s cabinet. What a sick country!

 Is it coming out of one of their anuses? Rhetorical question, because these men are not "having" anything. They're BUYING a baby to satisfy their own needfulness, and forcing it to grow up in a highly disordered household.

There is a famous, impossible to prove story that George Washington was in despair over the dwindling chances of victory and many urged him to decide on terms of surrender, and that he went into a reverie and envisioned an impossibly modern future USA with tall buildings, and states and population centers stretching all the way to the Pacific Ocean. He went back to address his officers and told them he would not surrender and they must find ways to strike back. The story might have a sad new ending as he saw 2021 with Buttigieg and his “husband”, sex changes pushed onto children, CRT classes, BLM, bags of shoplifted goods carried out of stores without anyone stopping the criminals, carjackings, teen thugs pouncing on innocent people every day and America descending into socialism.

If you really cared about privacy, then why would you announce to the world on Twitter that you’re doing this, or that you’ll be announcing more later? What a convenient time for a member of the Biden administration to announce that they’re going to have a baby. Wag the dog. Diversion diversion. 

Like hell they are going to be parents. They are two homosexuals who are taking advantage of a morally bankrupt system to procure a child legally. My heart goes out to the poor, innocent baby, and millstone and a lake for the ones who paved the way for this to happen. 

Sick f’n turkeys. They should be turned over to the Taliban. (sic)

Poor kid. I wish “it” luck. 

Remember when a child being raised by two perverted homosexuals would be disqualified as parents for adoption? I miss those days.

There were a lot of comments I excluded, particularly those about the expected child, as well as illustrations (illustrations which are better left not even talked about in detail). But as disgusting as it is, isn't it nice? 

Like the last comment had fond reminiscences about, there was a time in which gay couples couldn't adopt children. Those who opposed us back then conjured up fake reasons to make their side look genuinely concerned about children,  but their reasons actually encompassed bigotry and hate. As time went on, their claims were exposed as false  and the only thing left for them is what you read above - a bunch of crude comments uttered by sad, pathetic individuals because their hatred won't allow them to comprehend past the prejudices which straightjacket their minds and prevent them from acknowledging a wonderful event.

If they want to miss out on this blessing, then who cares what they think. In the end, haters can only hate. That's their entire reason for existing. So let them hate. Flash lights on their hate. Let the world see them for what they are.  Exposing and acknowledging hate doesn't allow it to grow. It only reveals how small it is.

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