Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Banning books, censoring school lessons resemble psychological crack addiction

“With your help, we can put a stop to the sexualization of children in the Autauga-Prattville Public Library . . . If the Mayor and City Council vote to fund the library without requiring the library to stop giving children access to inappropriate books, they are just as guilty of sexualizing children as the people who put the books on the shelves. . . .So please click here to contact Mayor Gillespie and the City Council and urge them to stop the library from sexualizing children! . . . The people pushing the sexualization of children are playing a long game. … Those who hate traditional American values are working tirelessly to subvert our culture by targeting children and will stop at nothing to accomplish their agenda — including exposing children to sexual content.” - an email from Clean Up Pratville, an Alabama group in the center of a controversy involving the local public library (via The Alabama Political Reporter).

 These insane attempts at book banning and censoring LGBTQ - inclusive curriculum taking place throughout the country under the guise of 'protecting the innocence of children' is a fraud.  How many of us have been confronted by these hysterical "child savers" online and in real life? How many times have we allowed ourselves to engage in a debate with them only to be called a "pedophile" or a "groomer" when we made points they couldn't refute?

Those who constantly claim that they are trying to stop the "sexualization of children" don't actually care about the kids. Okay, that's not fair. Maybe some of them actually do in the deeply twisted vestiges of their pathetic minds. But included with them are others cynically exploiting the fear of child predators for clout, money, and attention. 

And they all have one ugly thing in common. 

They've weaponized smearing people as pedophiles. Whenever faced with how reality contradicts their claims, they attempt to shut down the conversation by questioning the motives of those challenging them. God forbid that they are wrong even just a little bit. And admitting that they are wrong is tantamount to committing the original sin which got Adam and Eve kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

 To them, actually protecting children from predators is unimportant. To them, it's more satisfying to watch audiences shift uncomfortably as they, with fake shock, read the most salacious portions of books they (often times falsely) claim are present in school and public libraries and are being taught from in classrooms. To them, it's more satisfying to watch others tremble with anger and fear when they accuse them of some of the most sordid crimes against kids. And it only takes a few words for it to happen in the same manner that it only takes a few dollars for someone to get high on crack.

These folks claiming that they merely want to "protect the kids" resemble psychological crack addicts. They are addicted to the high which comes from their attempts to control what others read, teach, and especially fear.  

Meanwhile children are suffering from actual problems such as gun violence, illiteracy, hunger, etc - problems which come from living in a society full of idiots more concerned with them reading dirty words than actually being able to live free from violence and pain.

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