Thursday, June 09, 2022

South Carolina congressional candidate Mark Burns wanting to execute people for promoting so-called 'LGBTQ indoctrination'

MAGA Candidate Mark Burns Says Those Promoting 'LGBTQ Indoctrination' Should Be Executed for Treason from Right Wing Watch on Vimeo.

I have seen many things in my 15+ years of tracking anti-LGBTQ lies and propaganda, but I don't think I have ever seen such out-in-the-open homophobia and basic hate as I am seeing now.

Around the country, government officials and aspiring government officials have declared war on LGBTQ adults, children, and our families. They have tried to take away our rights to earn a living, be safe in our homes, and even basic healthcare. They have tried to stifle our voices and erase our existence. The only thing missing is open calls for us to be jailed and executed.

That is until now. Mark Burns, a Trump supporting pastor who is running for Congress in South Carolina, recently went on a rambling monologue in which he said the government should start imprisoning parents  who affirm their trans kids, teachers who support LGBTQ kids, and also begin executing them for treason, along with GOP Sens. Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell for supposedly supporting any gun control laws. 

From PFAW Right Wing Watch: 

 During an appearance on “The Stew Peters Show” Wednesday, Burns was asked by guest host Lauren Witzke what he would do to fight “LGBTQ indoctrination” if elected to Congress. Burns replied that the LGBTQ agenda represents “a national security threat” and therefore anyone promoting it is guilty of treason and should be executed. 

 “I vote to make sure that those parents be held for child abuse,” Burns said. “There is no such thing as trans kids, there are only abusive parents who are pushing that evil, evil sexual orientation onto their child’s mind.” “I want to make sure that those parents have been held accountable,” he continued. “We should start putting some of those parents in jail for abusing their child’s minds. Especially in the school system, any teacher that is teaching that LGBT, transgenderism, furries, the groomers, any sexual orientation communication in the school system should be immediately terminated but [teachers should also] be held for abusing young children.” 

 Burns then declared that the current situation in the United States is “Nazi Germany all over again,” claiming that students today are being “indoctrinated” just as they were by the Nazis to become “future stormtroopers” and members of “the hit squads, the murder squads.” “They were indoctrinating those young minds then; they are doing the very same thing here in America,” 

Burns said. “The LGBT, transgender grooming our children’s minds is a national security threat because it is ultimately designed to destabilize the republic we call the United States of America. That’s why when I’m elected, I don’t want to just vote, I want to start holding people accountable for treason to the Constitution.” “I am going to push to reenact HUAC, the House Un-American Activities Committee,” Burns vowed. 

“It is a committee that we should reenact that starts holding these people accountable for treason. Lindsey Graham should be held accountable for treason for supporting Joe Biden’s gun-grabbing Second Amendment law that he’s trying to push forward. … Mitch McConnell just [urged] other Republican senators to support Lindsey Graham to come after our guns, to confiscate our guns. That should be held for treason.” “We need to hold people for treason, start having some public hearings, and start executing people who are found guilty for their treasonous acts against the Constitution of the United States of America, just like they did back in 1776,” Burns proclaimed.

Burns, who by the way got called out on live television in 2016 for lying about his education and military service, is piggybacking on all of this nonsense from conservatives accusing LGBTQ people of sexually grooming children.

Burns's tangent by itself is insane, but in this climate it can be downright deadly for LGBTQ people, our families and supporters. On Tuesday, a 17-year-old was arrested for threatening a mass shooting  at a Florida Pride event. Last week, a bunch of clowns made complete fools of themselves by protesting a drag function for kids, falsely claiming that it was sexual. Other conservatives have compounded the lies and outrage by threatening to sponsor laws putting parents in jail for taking children to drag shows and spreading false stories of kids supposedly tipping 'half naked drag queens.'

And don't even get me started on the multitude of  bills and laws pushed and passed by legislative bodies in Texas, Florida, Alabama and other places around the country attempting to keep trans kids from getting basic healthcare, censoring books about LGBTQ lives, and basically trying to shut us and our families out of the American conversation in general. 

Maybe Burns's  tangent was merely an inarticulate Freudian slip of possible future plans some would like to have for us.

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