Monday, July 09, 2012

Focus on the Family displays its ignorance and false 'religious entitlement'

This video by Focus on the Family (which by the way does not allow you to rate it or leave comments) is bad, but it makes several points as to problem of some people who think that their religion absolves them from accepting the rules which the rest of us have to abide by:

As inane as this video is, it underscores the audacity and entitlement that some feel that their religion should grant them.

If you own a secular business, you should have to abide by the same rules that others who own secular businesses should.

And if your church owns a business which rents out events which may not necessarily be religious in nature, then you should abide by the same rules that other rental properties should, specifically if you are receiving tax breaks on said property. 

If not, where does one draw the line with this? I know of churches who own rental properties where people live. Is is right for the church to deny someone the right to rent their property if said person is lgbtq or a part of another religion?

And I won't even talk about the little blip about public schools.

It's truly sad when some folks' religious beliefs blind them to the simple fact that they are not the only people existing in this world.

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch

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'Supposed ex-gay pens awful letter to gay youth' and other Monday midday news briefs

One of the most reprehensible 'advice' columns you'll ever read. For shame, Matt Moore - This is an awful lie to tell a gay child. If I had read this when I was young, I hate to think what I would have done to myself. And I am not saying that simply for shock value.

Hate Group Leader Bradlee Dean Ordered To Pay Rachel Maddow's Defense Fees - This just in. Looks like somebody got smacked down in his lawsuit.

Arizona Governor Asks Supreme Court To Strip Same-Sex Domestic Partner Benefits - To what purpose would it serve to be so nasty to same-sex families.

Lou Engle Dreams Of 100,000 Ex-Gays And Ex-Lesbians Curing AIDS - There is a reason why I never talked that much about Lou Engle. Religious right liars is one thing. Religious right crazies is something entirely different.

“Ex-Gay” Leaders Resentful Of, Threatened By Alan Chambers’ Honesty
- The 'ex-gay' industry is having serious problems right now. Good.

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Catholic Church has no room to attack same-sex parenting

Bishop Cordileone
In spite of the myriad of problems with the Regenerus study on gay parenting (over 200 professors and therapists have complained about its errors), the National Organization for Marriage and members of the Catholic Church are busy pushing it to defame marriage equality and same-sex families:

The legalization of “gay marriage” in America, even on a civil level, is unjust to children and poses a threat to religious liberty, warned Bishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of Oakland, Calif.

“Marriage is the only institution we have that connects children to their mothers and fathers,” he said. “So really, the question is, do you support that institution?”

In a June interview with CNA, Bishop Cordileone, who leads the U.S. bishops’ Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage, explained that Church teaching against the redefinition of marriage on a civil level as well as a sacramental level is a matter of justice.

“Marriage is about fundamental justice for children,” he said. “Children do best with a mother and a father.”

... Based on sound social science, this [New Family Structures] study complements common sense and “demonstrates what we’ve always known,” Bishop Cordileone said. “Children do best with a mother and a father.”

The bishop explained that this issue is of crucial importance because “we cannot have two different definitions of marriage simultaneously in the country.”

“Only one definition of marriage can stand,” he said. “This is not expanding the right of marriage. It’s changing the definition, or taking away something is essential to marriage – that it’s the union of a man and a woman for the purpose of the binding of the two and the procreation and education of the next generation of offspring.”

I know what you are thinking. Based upon the problems the Catholic Church has been having with pedophile priests, it is the height of hypocrisy for the bishop to attack same-sex families.

Recently, it was alleged that Cardinal Timothy Dolan (who has been very outspoken against marriage equality) paid suspected pedophile priests to leave the church while he was head of Diocese of Milwaukee.

And even more recent than that, Monsignor William Lynn was found guilty on one count of endangering the welfare of a child because he allegedly covered up a case of abuse.

With all due respect because I am not attempting to disrespect anyone of the Catholic faith, if we compared the two entities, just who has less credibility when it the harming of children:

An entity pushing a bad study while it's not covering up the activities of priests exploiting children as sex objects


Same-sex couples, many who open their homes to children who need love and support:

Let me repeat that I am not trying to disrespect anyone's faith, but I simply don't think it's right for the Catholic Church to accuse same-sex parents of harming children when it has many skeletons in its closet when it comes to pedophiles in the priesthood.

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