Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Religious right thinks the LGBTQ community are 'recruiting' children via cereal

We knew it would happen.

The news that the Kellogg company is partnering with GLAAD to combat bullying via a specially made cereal has reached the religious right and of course they are angry about it. I will spare you the article from the "news" site One News Now.

But I will showcase the comical poll the article featured:

As you can see, the poll is a bunch of comical, self-righteous nonsense. I particularly find them thinking  that the LGBTQ community is "vocal" and "prosperous" very amusing. I really get a kick out of the idea that the religious right considers itself as Kellogg's base, as if liberals, progressives, and members of the LGBTQ community don''t buy the company's products.

Which choice do you think is in the lead? It's easy to guess:

Was there any doubt? It always comes back to the "gays are recruiting/indoctrinating children" lie. Too bad there wasn't a question about gay sex. 

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