Friday, October 30, 2015

'Iowa legislator on witch hunt against lgbt youth group' & other Fri midday news briefs

AP-GfK Poll: Clerks must issue gay marriage licenses - By a good margin, even including those opposed to marriage equality. 

 Anti-Gay Iowa Republican Partners With Anti-Gay Christian Group To Bully Anti-Bullying LGBTQ Group - This is UGLY. Based on the ridiculous claims by an anti-gay activist, an Iowa state Congressman is attacking an lgbt youth group by calling for "an investigation" of refuted outrageous claims. Another reason why we cannot ignore anti-gay activists no mater how crazy they seem. The connections they have with any Congressional leader can harm our children. 

Here's Why the World Congress of Families Conference Is So Scary - Basically breaking down why lgbts need to be wary of this well-connected group. (i.e. after reading this commentary, you will know why I refer to this group as the "Legion of Homophobia." I can't emphasize that moniker enough.) 

 NOM's Brian Brown - use religious liberty laws to undermine marriage equality - Religious liberty laws are designed to undermine marriage equality. We know this because NOM's Brian Brown admitted to as much. My post from last night. Help make this go viral. Questions need to be asked.  

Gay Man Was Harassed At Work For Being A ‘Cocksucker,’ Court Says It Won’t Do A Thing About It - The court CAN'T do anything about it "Because the Missouri Human Rights Act does not prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation." This is why we need LGBT non-discrimination ordinances on a nationwide scale. We got marriage but the battle isn't over.  

Cruz, Jindal And Huckbee To Join Multiple Speakers Who Want Gays Put To Death - Something the Beltway media probably won't ask them about . . .