Thursday, March 12, 2020

'LGBTQ people may have higher risk of coronavirus' & other Fri midday news briefs

LGBTQ people have a higher risk of coronavirus - If the anti-LGBTQ industry tries to use this against us, they can go to hell. We all need to sound the alarm on this one.

40 Major Businesses Oppose State-Based Legislation Targeting Trans Youth, LGBTQ Community - Good for them to stand by us. 

GLAAD nixes NYC media awards amid coronavirus concerns - Well sh!t! They will still be announcing the awards, however. 

Roy Moore Group Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Marriage Equality Ruling - Yeah. Whatever.

Throwback Thursday- The Ricki Lake Show circa 1994: 'I Hate That My Brother And Sister is Gay'

The Ricki Lake Show was credited as one of the talk show to bring LGBTQ issues into contemporary times in a way which featured us talking about ourselves instead of experts and the like talking about us. This episode is from 1994 and it's titled "I Hate That My Brother and Sister is Gay."

It's over 40 minutes so feel free to skim through. As you do, you will be astounded at how much ignorance and heterosexual privilege existed back then and how some of it hasn't changed. An extra highlight at 17:24 features former anti-LGBTQ talking head Andrea Sheldon debating with a now legendary figure in our community (and I'm proud to say a friend, idol, and mentor of mine) Michelangelo Signorile.  Needless to say the LGBTQ people in this episode hold their own and command respect. Signorile specifically was a firebrand who didn't take any sh!t back then.