Wednesday, February 16, 2022

I confess. The heterosexual promiscuity to homosexuality to transgenderism pipeline was MY brilliant creation.

Looks like extremely bigoted Scott Lively has got me dead to rights. 

Transgenderism did not become the "cause celeb" until homosexuality had been normalized, and the campaign to normalize homosexuality did not take center stage until heterosexual promiscuity had been normalized. This is a long-term agenda we're watching unfold, being pushed by people, principalities and powers with a very long view and the patience to allow each stage to settle in slowly until enough of the public accepts it to ensure nothing will be successfully reversed. Don't believe that? Tell me what you think are the prospects for re-criminalizing adultery in America and what's actually changed to make that idea seem ridiculous. Adultery isn't any less immoral or harmful today than it was when its criminalization was considered a no-brainer by virtually everyone. We've simply been the victims of incremental desensitization. 

 Recognizing that truth should lead any honest person to admit that, unless something changes in our approach, we conservatives are going to lose the transgender battle just like we lost the homosexual battle, and later on we're going to lose the transhumanism battle after they've crushed us on transgenderism. And some of the very same people fighting hard against transgenderism today are going to simply shrug their shoulders at it tomorrow, just like today many "conservatives" have decided homosexuality is no big deal anymore. 

 The left wins because they have a vision for the future that drives their movement and excites their activists. They envision a perfect socialist utopia built upon the ashes of Judeo-Christian civilization, and they constantly work proactively to achieve it.

I confess, this was all my plan. Yep. It was all my idea. My brainchild.

I came up with the concept during that great gay recruitment conference on Fire Island in 1967. That is except for that part about the ashes of Judeo-Christian civilization.  I did not plan that. Some white boy snuck it in. You know black queens loves us some Jesus.

Lively has gotten better when it comes to accusing gays of things. I remember when he accused us of starting the Nazi Party. Now that was ludicrous for obvious reasons. Also, no gay men alive would be caught wearing  awful battleship grey uniforms with those annoyingly wide pants legs.

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