Thursday, April 13, 2023

FL lawmaker's anti-drag show bill would make his wife's charity burlesque show illegal

FL lawmaker Randy Fine claims that drag queens are sexualizing kids. His wife (seen in the center) allegedly performed in a sexually charged show in front of kids.

On the next episode of Republican Hypocrites (which seems to be redundant these days) is Randy Fine, rabidly anti-LGBTQ Florida state lawmaker pushing to legislatively erase drag shows because he thinks drag queens 'sexualize kids.' And his wife Wendy, whose 'sexually charged' burlesque show was allegedly performed in front of kids.

From NBC News:

Florida Rep. Randy Fine, a Republican, on Wednesday fervently defended a bill he’s sponsoring to criminalize “adult live performances” in front of children. “If it means erasing a community because you have to target children, then damn right, we ought to do it,” he said on the floor of the Florida House. Fine acknowledged that the legislation might criminalize the work of some of the state’s drag performers, many of whom have deep ties to the LGBTQ community. 

And if the bill becomes law, it may also criminalize the work of a Floridian he neglected to mention: his wife. Wendy Fine is co-hosting an annual gala on Saturday, which she has previously performed in, to raise money for a children’s charity, Spring Forward for Autism, as local news site Space Coast Rocket first reported. The gala will take place at the Hilton Melbourne hotel in Melbourne, about an hour east of Orlando. It will be “an evening filled with sultry performers,” according to the nonprofit’s website, which lists Rep. Fine as one of the gala’s main sponsors. Images and videos on social media of past years’ events show women — including one who appears to be the lawmaker’s wife, who is tagged in the photos — posing and dancing in lingerie and revealing costumes. " 

According to Space Coast Rocket:

In April of 2021, Wendy Fine participated in a fundraiser for children with autism in Brevard County. From photos and videos of the event, Fine, scantly dressed in burlesque/lingerie, performed sexually charged and provocative dance routines on stage alongside members of the LGBTQ+ community for the audience in exchange for money….for children.

 A YouTube video was taken down of the performance for violating its terms and policies. According to some who attended the event, there were members of the audience under the age of 18 believed to be special needs. A toddler can be seen in a video from last year’s event. The event’s website does not say it’s for over the ages of 18. According to the website, Wendy Fine is the Chair for the event. 

NBC News points out that the show would be illegal under her husband's bill:

Such performances could be considered illegal under the legislation Fine introduced this year, which seeks to criminalize “adult live performances” in the presence of children. The bill’s text defines “adult live performance” as “any show, exhibition, or other presentation in front of a live audience which, in whole or in part, depicts or simulates nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, or specific sexual activities.”

Also, according to Space Coast Rocket

 The live performance was also live streamed on social media. Because of the vagueness of Randy’s HB 1423, it appears that simply live streaming a live performance like this would also fall under the criminal nature of his bill.

Thus far, neither Fine nor his wife has issued any comments.

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