Tuesday, July 21, 2020

'Trumpfeld' - all interviews with Trump should include a laugh track

By all counts, Trump's interview with Fox News journalist Chris Wallace was yet another disaster for the Orange Menace. However the Lincoln Project added a little something extra which accentuates the point - a laugh track. Check out 'Trumpfeld.' It would be funnier if it wasn't reality.

'Hockey commentator claims NBC firing was anti-straight discrimination' & other Tue midday news briefs

Hockey commentator claims NBC firing was anti-straight discrimination - Oh please. He made a vulgar comment and paid for it. 

The right is dominating Facebook engagement on content about trans issues - This is not good. People seem to like arguing more than educating.

Trump’s ‘Unalienable Rights’ commission brands LGBTQ equality a ‘divisive social and political controversy - Slowly moving from supporting LGBTQ rights and safety on a worldwide scale. 

18 Hilarious Gay Tweets From This Week - We all need this.