Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Chaya Raichik's goons are mad at me. Music to my ears and beauty to my eyes.

 Chaya Raichik's goons are upset at me. Apparently, they didn't appreciate my blog post from last night. And they really didn't appreciate the excerpt I posted.

In response, a lot of them either peppered me with insults or repeated her lying narratives. Of course. Some of the funniest responses I've received are the following:

Many of Chaya's defenders claimed that she merely retweets what "folks on left" are tweeting:

Of course that's a lie. Chaya mischaracterizes videos to deliberately feed upon prejudices about LGBTQ people.  She has also been known to out-and-out lie. For example, when she claimed that Boston Children's Hospitals were giving trans kids hysterectomies.

In those regards, Chaya Raichik is no different than a racist spinning lies about 'black-on-black' crime or a white supremacist Nazi spewing propaganda about "how the Jews are money-hungry chaos bringers". And just like in the case of the racist and Nazi, all she needs is someone stupid enough to believe her garbage.

Unfortunately, she has that in abundance.