Friday, June 17, 2016

'GOP's pitch to hurt Dems - play lgbts & Muslims against one another' & other Fri. midday news briefs

GOP Makes 'Appalling' Pitch To LGBTs: Dems Are Choosing Muslims Over You - More unbelievable is the fact that they think it would actually work. "Hey gay people, sure we have passed legislation stripping you of rights and dignity, labeled you as pedophiles, diseased perverts, and basically disrespected you and your families. But hey, it's not like we tried to kill you like those Muslims that the Democrats support would. Granted, we may have supported other countries, Muslim and otherwise who do it. But it's not like WE do it." 

Why Conservatives Won’t Identify The Orlando Shooting Victims As LGBT - Meanwhile . . .  

Rainbow signs appearing in West Hollywood advise to 'shoot back' - Nothing more than mess feeding into people's feeling of helplessness.

 20-Plus Years Of Anti-Gay Hate From The NRA - Just a reminder.

 Pulse and the Long History of Violence Against Queer Latinos - Sad but necessary article.

 Here’s The Beautiful Story Of How These Dads Created Their Family Over 3 Decades - Let's end today's news briefs on a positive note.