Thursday, August 27, 2015

'Anti-gay KY clerk appeals to SCOTUS' & other Thur midday news briefs

Kim Davis

Anti-Gay Kentucky Clerk Defies Court For Third Time, Appeals To SCOTUS - Most specifically, her lawyers at the anti-gay Liberty Counsel will be appeal to SCOTUS. I have no idea what SCOTUS will do, but I am baffled by the Liberty Counsel's actions in this entire situation. First of all, with anti-gay groups uniquely talented at choosing people who can stand as symbols for their positions, choosing this woman is an abysmal decision. We aren't talking about a private business where there could be a bit of leverage here. We are talking about a government official who will not do her job and has made it clear that it's not about her "religious liberty" per se, but the fact that marriage equality shouldn't exist. In the public arena, Davis is not popular because of that fact. People tend to get angry at public officials not wanting to do their jobs. Right now, I think Kim Davis and the Liberty Counsel has the potential to wreck the anti-gay talking point of religious liberty before they can really get anything from it. 

A Lesbian Officer Maligned in Ted Cruz’s Religious Liberty Ad Tells Her Side of the Story - About time that this old anecdote is destroyed. It's been exploited by several groups, including the Family Research Council in several letters asking for donations.  

Same-sex documentary banned in Australian schools - This is what the anti-gay right in America wants to accomplish here - to deliberately omit our families.  

Watch Bernie Slam Republicans For ‘Family Values’ Hypocrisy: You Know What They REALLY Mean - It's about time SOMEBODY did.

Denver Lawmaker Posts Screenshots Of Racist Threatening Hate Mail After Criticizing Chick-Fil-A - Letters from folks claiming to be Christians. Nauseating.