Thursday, September 11, 2014

LaBarbera, AFA fake news site smile on anti-gay persecution in foreign countries

Last week, Gambia became the latest African country to crack down on its lgbt citizens by passing a law pushing for life imprisonment for what it calls "aggravated homosexuality."  According to CBS, the law is much like the recently passed and then overturned Ugandan anti-gay law.

According to the American Family Association's fake news site,  One News Now, and anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera, the desire of countries to penalize lgbts for simply existing is a good thing:

African nations opposing homosexuality are standing strong in spite of pressure from the U.S. that they promote the rainbow flag in their policies. Earlier this year Uganda passed a strong law against practicing homosexuality. The law was rejected by the nation's high court due to a technicality, but it's expected to pass on a second attempt. Nigeria has a similar law, and Gambia recently became the latest country to approve one.

 Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality notes that the U.S. is withdrawing aid from these countries until the laws are revoked. However in Uganda, an estimated 98 percent of the residents voiced support for their president's refusal to bow to U.S. demands, in spite of the withdrawal of economic aid. “Just because America has fallen so far that we now treat sin, in this case homosexuality, as a civil right doesn't mean we have the right to force that on other countries that have more wholesome and biblical values,”

The irony that someone who calls himself a Christian - in this case LaBarbera - actually supports persecution of anyone in the name of morality is shocking enough. But that shock is exacerbated with the article's next turn:

Similar pressure is also being applied to Nigeria, where meanwhile the terrorist group Boko Haram has been murdering Christians and moderate Muslims who don't support their extreme views. The U.S. finally recognized Boko Haram as a terrorist group and did send military advisors. “That should be our number-one priority,” LaBarbera says. “We shouldn't be talking about homosexuality right now, but Obama is pandering to his base. He is the most pro-homosexual and gender confusion president our country has ever seen. It is high in his priority list, unfortunately to the detriment of our own security needs.”

What type of Christian publication or spokesperson would voice support for the jailing of gays for simply being gay and then make a 180 degree turn to decry the persecution of Christians in the same article? Why is a different mindset on both issues even necessary? No one should be put in jail simply for being gay and no one should be murdered simply because of their religious beliefs.

The hypocrisy of One News Now and LaBarbera illustrate a sad commentary on Christianity in this country. To some so-called believers, Christianity in America is more like a clique or a club where they have false entitlements and think that their so-called faith supercedes their responsibility to treat people in a civilized and decent manner. To voice even a singular disagreement with them or point out the contradictions between their statements and actions adds up to "persecution" in their eyes.

And, in the case of One News Now and LaBarbera, it represents how supposed believers can even go against what is supposed to be their own core values without so much as a blink of shame.


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