Sunday, April 14, 2019

Video: Mike Pence's anti-LGBTQ record proves Pete Buttigieg's point

On Sunday, Peter Buttigieg officially announced that he is running for president. With that news, his back-and-forth with VP Mike Pence is sure to get a brighter spotlight. To rehash the situation, Buttigieg has called out Pence for his anti-LGBTQ record.  Pence and his defenders contend that Buttigieg is attacking his "Christian faith."

That's nonsense. It goes without saying that Pence, as a Congressman, governor of Indiana, and now vice president, has made his political career out of undermining the rights and safety of LGBTQ Americans while hiding behind his religious beliefs. Buttigieg has touched a raw nerve by focusing on this. But what's needed is something concrete which can be pointed to when talking about Pence's record. This video courtesy of the Human Rights Campaign is more than adequate to reference and share. Don't fall for Pence's "I'm just a Christian defending my faith" act. It's a colossal lie.