Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Meet the folks trying to 'save America' for Jesus

People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch has compiled the best - or rather the worst - comments coming from the key sponsors and speakers at this weekend's Values Voters Summit.

Please bear in mind that these folks make their money by claiming that America is on a "moral decline" and it's up to them to pull the country back.

You tell me what's worse - the fact that there are some people who actually believe that mess or the fact that several Republican presidential candidates will be in attendance:

What would Jesus do indeed? Would He actually be proud to have these characters using His name for their madness? I think not.

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Who’s Who at the Values Voter Summit - Hold your nose and take a gander at a complete listing of who the GOP candidates will be kissing up to.

SPLC calls out those associating with anti-gay hate groups - The Southern Poverty Law Center is doubling down on exposing these charlatans.

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See the commercial which scares the religious right

The following is a simple commercial from San Francisco mayoral candidate Bevan Duffy. You've probably seen it before but it bears repeating in its proper context:

So why does this commercial scare Maggie Gallagher, Tony Perkins and the rest of the religious right? Simple. Because it shows truth. It shows that the loving and raising of children is not something strictly owned by the heterosexual community or a stereotypical nuclear family.

And it proves that all of the money, lies, and propaganda can't hide basic truth regarding the gay community.

Isn't true an awesome thing?

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'NOM's Minnesota partner wanted to imprison gays' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Before banning gay marriage, criminalizing homosexuality was Family Council’s cause celebre - Are we really surprised about the Minnesota Family Council? And just like in the case when this group was caught spreading information accusing gays of  bestiality, pedophilia, and consuming bodily wastes, the National Organization for Marriage - its partner in trying to stop marriage equality in MN - will convenient ignore this fact while pushing the false notion that those who believe like this group are the "real victims."

Anti-gay marriage groups say they won’t follow new campaign finance guidelines - And speaking of NOM . . .

Mounting violence haunts South Africa’s gays and mobilizes activists - We need to pray and do all we can for our brothers and sisters facing violence - such as "corrective rape" - for merely being gay.

Gay judicial nominee sails through confirmation hearing - Sweet!

DNC open to funding fight against anti-gay amendments in the states - Excellent news! And I've got two places where DNC can send money.

N.C. Senator Forrester’s office sends unprofessional, fact-challenged e-mail defending his anti-gay views - Watch a homophobe dig himself deeper in a hole.

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SPLC calls out those associating with anti-gay hate groups

The Southern Poverty Law Center has just come out with a video with a simple message for public figures speaking at the right-wing Values Voters Summit held this weekend - Stop associating with hate groups:

You can't get more succinct and to the point than that. I think the lgbtq community and our allies need to spread not only this video but also other SPLC-related information.

The SPLC has been doing an excellent job calling out these anti-gay hate groups.

When will the mainstream media get with the program?

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