Monday, September 03, 2018

12 years & six million hits later, anti-LGBTQ propaganda must always be refuted

This month will mark the 12th anniversary of my blog, Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters. Also, even as I read this, it will also have reached it's six millionth hit.

But a twitter argument I had this morning about the Catholic Church pedophilia scandal punctuates just why my blog exists and why entities like it continue to be needed:

It was nothing really. Just a child who got angry when his bad information was refuted. But it definitely brings up a point. The LGBTQ community must continue to fight lies and smears generated to dehumanize us.  We must always be vigilant. We can refute them constantly, beat them down, and render them to be basic lies. However as long as someone has a use for them, they will be brought up again.

Whether it be to explain away basic faults in their religious beliefs, or expedient excuses created by fake experts in overpaid think tanks, people labeling us as freaks or dangers to public health and children will always be useful for their selfish and cold agendas. Particularly when one takes into account the moments when the people and groups doing the smears are close to the thrones of power (such as now with Trump in office.)

So don't give up. Don't give in. Never surrender your rights or destiny. I certainly don't intend to.

And above all, fight like hell. With dignity, truth, and a finality of royalty laying the smack down.

Now that I intend to do. For as long as I can: