Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Bryan Fischer claims Pete Buttigieg and criticism of Trump will force him to talk about 'gay sex' (again)

With his pointed criticisms of their hypocrisies, presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is driving the anti-LGBTQ evangelical right crazy. That is a good thing because it gives us the opportunity to either piggyback or amplify his comments with observations of our own.

And don't think for a second that those seeking to blunt Buttigieg aren't helping us. Case in point, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer, who recently said that criticism of Trump is "forcing" folks like him to talk about Buttigieg's sex life.

From Right Wing Watch:

“By making a candidate or a public official’s private sexual life an issue, then you are telling us that we are justified by making it an issue with Pete Buttigieg,” Fischer said. “If you do not want us to make his sexual behavior an issue, then you better stop talking about Donald Trump and what he did 12, 13 years ago and the years before that. Just cut it out. You keep talking about Donald Trump and his sexual peccadilloes, then you are giving us permission to talk about Pete Buttigieg and his sexual indiscretions.” 

Fischer obviously thinks that receipts don't exist. As seen by the small sampling below,  Fischer has brought up "gay sex" probably more times than Meryl Streep has been nominated for an Oscar. He talks about "gay sex" probably more times than most LGBTQs actually have sex. I doubt he needs Buttigieg or criticism of Trump as an excuse because ruminating about "gay sex" seems to be an obsession with him.

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