Sunday, September 12, 2021

Charges of racism the latest twist in conflict between HRC and former head Alphonso David.

Alphonso David is leveling a charge of racism against the Human Rights Campaign.

All I will say is that it's mess like this which demonstrates how religious right groups are more plugged into their audience than some major LGBTQ groups are supported by our community. If you mentioned the name of the Human Rights Campaign to some of us, you would receive either a collectively uninterested shrug or an angry tirade in which the phrase "Gay, Inc." would be mentioned several times. There is no unity. Only division, tirades, and mistrust. It's nothing short of a miracle how the LGBTQ community have survived - and won - against homophobia in America.

Former Human Rights Campaign (HRC) President Alphonso David opened up about the fallout from the investigation into former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) that eventually led to his own firing last week. David sat down with out MSNBC anchor Jonathan Capehart in an appearance on the Sunday Show to discuss where he is going from here. David alleges that he was treated differently based on his race at the organization, citing past presidents and leaders who were white that were not being pushed to resign after controversies followed them.

 . . . (Alphonso) David continued, “This organization was created in the 1980s and largely has been viewed as an organization for white men. And I came on, as a Black man, to really challenge some of the systems that have been ingrained in this institution, and I am being treated this way — I am being treated differently, I believe — because of my race.” David notes that previous HRC presidents have “engaged in activities or made statements that caused disruption… that resulted in protests in front of the building. “They were not asked to resign. I was asked to resign without a shred of evidence. I was asked to resign without any findings. I was asked to resign without a report,” David alleged. “I was told there would be an announcement on Saturday if I were to resign, to make it quiet over the holiday weekend. They wanted this to go away.” 

 . . . .“We can’t change the rules in the middle of the game . . . “ can’t decide to conduct an independent investigation and then decide not to issue findings and not decide to issue a report, and ignore transparency. If we are a human rights organization, if we are a movement that is transparent, we need to make sure that movement is transparent for all of us.  

Check out the entire article. Ugly, complicated, and extremely messy - three things we as a community do not need right now.