Tuesday, March 02, 2021

LGBTQ book for children sets off nonsensical Twitter outrage

This wonderful book set off a ridiculous moral panic on Twitter.

 In the latest episode of "Homophobia makes you stupid" comes this tweet from a woman in England. Apparently she finds it disturbing that a child is reading book about LGBTQ people:

The thread of her tweet is even worse. It's hysterical nonsense ("Oh this is awful!" "How disgusting!" "Won't someone pleeeeease think of the children!") from dunderheads who not only have ignorant views of LGBTQ people, but also think everyone else should too.

I found this hilarity from The Blaze, an online right-wing propaganda site which I am only linking to just in case girlfriend above who created this tweet blocks me. If this happens, you can view the tweet there. But hold your nose because as I said before, it is a right-wing propaganda site.

The book in question is in fact a children's book called The GayBCs.  It is a wonderful book which familiarizes children with LGBTQ people. Some people want to constrict our lives to matters of sexual intercourse while conveniently forgetting that we have families and are raising children. But that's their problem. Not ours.

 And there is absolutely nothing wrong or vulgar about TheGayBCs, except of course in the minds of those who seem to be more obsessed with gay sex than they like to claim that we are. No doubt they would be happier if children read more wholesome stories like the ones which involve wolves eating little girls dressed in red outfits, brothers and sisters burning cannibal witches in ovens, or wolves eating pigs and pigs eating wolves.

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