Wednesday, June 07, 2017

10 Best Celebrity Quotes on LGBT Equality

A while back, there was a Friday afternoon segment on this blog, Know Your LGBT History, which looked at portrayals (both positive and negative) of lgbts in movies and television. It also looked at famous lgbts in history such as Bessie Smith, Nell Carter, and Clara Ward.

In 2014, I ran the last segment, My Top Five LGBT Villains in Cinema, However some folks have been asking me to bring it back. I may do it, depending on how this particular post does.

The following, courtesy of "LGBT Top List" on youtube is the 10 Best Celebrity Quotes on LGBT Equality. See if you agree with the choices:

'28 photos of children at Pride parades dispenses stereotypes, shows what's important' & other Wed. midday news briefs

The Huffington Post gives us 28 reasons why Pride is important

28 Photos Of Kids At Pride Parades Who Know That Love Is Love - Twenty-eight reasons to enjoy Pride. Twenty-eight reasons to not to believe the stereotypes about Pride because not all Pride celebrations are the same. Twenty-eight reasons to remind yourself that LGBTQ lives and futures belong to the community. Not to others to decide who we are and what those futures will be.

America’s Hidden H.I.V. Epidemic - "Why do America’s black gay and bisexual men have a higher H.I.V. rate than any country in the world?" Probably because we are being missed and are isolated from the community at large. This is one of the reasons things like Black Pride events are SO important.

 LGBTQ Organizations, Gay Rights Veterans and a Gay Dad are Leading the Fight for Gun Control - Our community are comprised of leaders in all issues.

Gov. Brown signs landmark transgender equality bill - This happened last week in Oregon. I apologize for missing it.