Monday, March 09, 2015

Family Research Council is 0 for 2 in attacks on EEOC's Feldblum

Last week, I wrote how the Family Research Council falsely attributed a quote to EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) member Chai Feldblum in order to make her seem like a fierce opponent of "religious liberty." When I confront the organization with the truth via twitter, its representatives promised to "look into it."

Naturally, FRC has not gotten back with me on that. In the meantime, however, it did put out the following about Feldblum:

Believe it or not, FRC actually got that quote right. HOWEVER, whereas last week FRC falsely attributed a seemingly anti-Christian quote to Feldblum, this week the organization took one sentence from an article in order to paint a false tone of her.

The article from which that quote was derived was published in 2006 by the conservative Weekly Standard. 

The article, Banned in Boston,  was written by Maggie Gallagher, who later became head of the anti-marriage equality group the National Organization for Marriage (which should give you some clue about the article's objectivity or lack thereof), and dealt with the controversy of the Catholic Charities stopping adoption services because it couldn't discriminate against same-sex couples while using tax dollars.

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Australian anti-gay marriage ad bombing big time on youtube

This Australian tv ad, using the same nonsensical semantics and phraseology marriage equality opponents in America do about "how marriage equality will keep children from having a mother and a father" didn't exactly catch on:

Rodney Croome, national director of Australian Marriage Equality, says in a statement that the Australian Marriage Forum campaign is in fact 'harming the many Australian children being raised by same-sex couples because it defends discrimination against their families.' 'According to the Bureau of Statistics tens of thousands of Australian children are currently in the care of same-sex couples, and these children deserve the same opportunities as other children, including the opportunity of having married parents.' He added that the advertisement's timing highlights how 'out of place' anti-gay prejudice is in Australia's 'increasingly inclusive and respectful society.'

On youtube, it's even worse. Feel free to go there and continue to overwhelming reject it.

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