Thursday, May 21, 2020

Anything to protect Donald Trump - Watch how Fox News pundits minimize American lives lost to the coronavirus

 I personally think that Fox News on-the-air pundits are given a list of talking points every day that they must work in their segments and appearances. And the above video may prove that point. It's a montage of various Fox News pundits, personalities, and guests minimizing the deaths, particularly in America, caused by the coronavirus pandemic. As you watch the video, remember that about over 96,000 Americans who have died.  And as that death count grew, this "death is tragic, but . . ." junk is all that we got from Fox News.We know why they are doing this - to shield Donald Trump from blame for how his inept leadership led to many, if not all of these deaths. Apparently protecting him from the consequences of his piss poor actions is more important to these folks.

'Gay couple adopts foster son via Zoom' & other Thur midday news briefs

Gay couple adopts foster son via Zoom because they refused to wait any longer - Good for them! Congratulations to the new family!