Friday, July 28, 2017

'Anti-LGBTQ right trying to send message to queer community' & other Fri midday news briefs

A friend of mine, Matt Baume breaks down Trump's ridiculous trans ban and does something else which I think is required viewing AND repeating. Beginning at 3:20 of this video, he gives a history lesson of the times the anti-LGBTQ right have attacked out community from marriage equality to HIV/AIDS to claiming that we will harm children. Baume basically says all of these crusades weren't necessarily from ignorance but a deliberate attempt to send a message to us. And he is right on point. 

Transgender Military Ban: The Rise of Anti-LGBT Hate Groups in Trump's White House - Newsweek finally gets with the program and shines a bright light on anti-LGBTQ groups which now have immense power via Trump. Good article (although for ego's sake, I wish the reporter had talked to me. I got a gallon of tea to spill on the Family Research Council and other like minded groups. As they get more powerful, they become more vulnerable to public scrutiny.)

Trump, the 'most pro-LGBT Republican nominee in history,' takes a wrecking ball to LGBTQ rights - Or at least tries. We are at war, brothers and sisters. Not open warfare yet. Never in a situation of violence. This war is about position and we will not lose. 

Court: Violence law unfair to gay South Carolina couples - Meanwhile, we won a huge victory down here in South Carolina. 

13 Kids, 2 Dads - Reminder. No matter how they try, they cannot defeat us, push us back into the closet, nor keep us from living our lives based upon OUR terms.