Friday, April 03, 2015

'Fox News officially an enemy of the lgbt community' & other Friday midday news briefs

What the anti-gay industry wants America to see us as.

The Fox News Campaign To Defend Indiana's Anti-Gay "Religious Freedom" Law - A prediction I made a long time ago is now official. Fox News is now the place where anti-gay organizations and leaders can go to repeat their homophobic propaganda without challenge. This is a problem because now we have entire network working against our equality. 

Fellow liberals: Don’t harass the bigots, please - See the picture above. That and this post is dedicated to the misguided folks who netted a homophobic pizza parlor much unnecessary attention and over $500,000. Please know the difference between the pawns and the manipulators. And above all, DO NOT allow the manipulators to use the pawns in order to make you look like something you are not. Now that you know the anti-gay industry's game, PLEASE stop playing it.

 Indiana Governor Signs Measure Limiting Damage of RFRA, but LGBT Hoosiers Remain at Risk - Victories never mean an end to a war. It merely means an advantage which you must capitalize on to WIN the war.

  At Least Ten Religious Groups Have Come Out Against Anti-LGBT ‘Religious Liberty’ Laws - This brief is dedicated to Mike Huckabee who falsely claimed that gays want to eliminate the church. His statement accentuates the problem. SOME Christians feel that their version of their religion is the only one in this country which matters. That's why they attempt to grab all of the attention.

 Indiana Law Went Too Far For Most Americans To Support - The basic reason why Indiana suffered the backlash to its "religious freedom" law.  

LaBarbera: God Will Punish America For 'The Things Homosexuals Do In Private'- Dear American, I am sorry for dooming you with my Diana Ross, Nina Simone, and Sylvester James impressions. 

Photo courtesy of JoeMyGod