Thursday, March 31, 2016

'Fox News helps NC Gov lie about newly passed anti-gay law' & other Thur midday news briefs

Kilmeade helps NC lie about it's anti-gay law
N.C. governor calls backlash over state's new LGBT law hypocritical - Based on this Politico article, NC Gov. Pat McCrory continues lie about the recently passed anti-gay law in his state during an appearance on Fox News by implying that it is merely a "public safety" bill for females in locker rooms and bathrooms when in actuality it also strips NC cities and towns from protecting the entire lgbt community from discrimination. And the worse part is from what I read, Fox News personality Brian Kilmeade soft pedaled the interview. I hate to make this mention because it sounds so severe but I think we all know what side Fox News would've stood on if it existed during slavery and the Civil Rights Movement. 

Pat McCrory is wrong when he says North Carolina's new LGBT law doesn't take away existing rights - And according to Politifact, McCrory has been lying about the law. No shyte, but it's still good to have more concrete confirmation.

 Mississippi Senate Passes Sweeping Anti-LGBT Religious Freedom Bill - Meanwhile, Mississippi passes an anti-lgbt law more extreme than that of NC. Backlashes don't bother me. They are only proof that we are winning and we need to "bring the victory on home."  

Trans People Get Candid About Their Lives For Trans Day Of Visibility - Let's not forget the Trans Day of Visibility, a very important event.

 Conservative Group Claims Disney, Apple &  Others ‘Declared Public War’ On Christianity - Polarized ignorance. Just because you support lgbt rights doesn't mean you dislike Christianity or the Christians who believe that homosexuality is a sin.