Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bryan Fischer HAS to be secretly working to advance gay equality

Bryan Fischer
It is not easy being a blogger, particularly the type which I am. On top of no pay and extra work comes the fear that I am falling into a rut. The entire purpose of my blog is to expose anti-gay propaganda and religious right lies pertaining to the lgbt community.

But sometimes I wonder if I tire my readers by presenting time after time after time in which anti-gay groups are lying and deceiving with their lies, cherry-picked science, and junk science. I wonder if I am making you all desensitized.

It gets tiring.

Then something happens or someone says something so outrageous that I'm off to the races again in order to get the information out. The following clip featuring your "favorite homophobe and mine," Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association is one of those times. I can't explain what Bryan Fischer is saying here. You just have to listen to him and I dare you to NOT come away with the feeling that Fischer is secretly working to ensure lgbt equality rather than prevent it:

'Family Research Council launches self-defeating campaign against marriage equality' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

FRC launches 'National Campaign in Defense of Marriage;' claims gay parents 'provide distorted values to innocent adopted kids' - The Family Research Council is attempting to raise money against marriage equality and the irony of it all? The organization advances arguments which have led to several losses for its side in the courts such as:

Guys, you may be able to raise money to pay your bills with that argument, but you won't be able to convince a judge to rule against marriage equality.  

Nearly 200 Congressional Democrats Call On Obama To Issue LGBT Workers’ Order - If President Obama did issue this order, I would only partially agree with it. On one hand, it would be a tremendously good thing for the lgbt community. But on the other hand, it would enable us from dealing with the facts about our fight for ENDA. Whether the lgbt community wants to admit it or not, ENDA is going to be a HUGE fight and the anti-gay right will pull all of their tactics  from "bathroom bill" memes to "religious liberty" talking points. And we should be ready for it. In fact we should not only be ready for it, we should play aggressively and begin refuting their points. In my eyes, the largest hurdle against ENDA are anti-gay groups, not President Obama. And how much energy are we devoting to pushing Obama instead of confronting the propaganda which we KNOW will be launched against any push for ENDA?  

Illinois Republicans Nominate Candidate Who Blames Gay Rights For Autism And Tornadoes - Oh good grief. But it's not all bad news. Republicans targeted because of their vote FOR marriage equality won their primaries.

 Obama Administration Pressed To Review U.S. Aid To Countries With Anti-LGBT Laws - And it's the Congressional Black Caucus doing the pushing. Remember that.  

John Kerry To Send Homosexuality 'Experts' To Tackle Uganda Anti-Gay Law - Based on the next news brief, Uganda is going to NEED these experts.

 Ugandan First Lady Doesn’t Know Any Gay Cows, So Homosexuality Must Not Exist - Nothing I can say will add any more snarkiness to this article.

Will South Carolina be sued over anti-gay budget cuts?

And the situation in South Carolina over the state legislature "punishing" two colleges for assigning gay-themed books just heated up. From the Huffington Post:

Ten groups that care about free speech sent a letter Tuesday to South Carolina state senators warning that a bill to cut public college funding based on legislators' objections to certain books could bring on First Amendment lawsuits.

The South Carolina House approved a budget last week penalizing two public colleges for assigning LGBT-themed books in campus-wide reading programs. Pushed by state Rep. Garry Smith (R-Simpsonville), legislators are considering $52,000 in cuts for the College of Charleston and $17,142 in cuts for the University of South Carolina Upstate to offset the costs of those programs.
"The proposed budget cuts undermine the fundamental mission of higher educational institutions, which is critical analysis and free and unfettered debate," the protest letter said. It added, "Legislative efforts to control discussion and debate in a university setting are ill-advised, both legally and educationally."

The 10 groups behind the letter were the ACLU of South Carolina, American Association of University Professors, American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression, American Library Association, Association of American Publishers, Association of College and Research Librarians, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Modern Language Association, National Coalition Against Censorship and National Council of Teachers of English.

 Read the entire story here