Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bryan Fischer HAS to be secretly working to advance gay equality

Bryan Fischer
It is not easy being a blogger, particularly the type which I am. On top of no pay and extra work comes the fear that I am falling into a rut. The entire purpose of my blog is to expose anti-gay propaganda and religious right lies pertaining to the lgbt community.

But sometimes I wonder if I tire my readers by presenting time after time after time in which anti-gay groups are lying and deceiving with their lies, cherry-picked science, and junk science. I wonder if I am making you all desensitized.

It gets tiring.

Then something happens or someone says something so outrageous that I'm off to the races again in order to get the information out. The following clip featuring your "favorite homophobe and mine," Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association is one of those times. I can't explain what Bryan Fischer is saying here. You just have to listen to him and I dare you to NOT come away with the feeling that Fischer is secretly working to ensure lgbt equality rather than prevent it:


Anonymous said...

I would love to see the reaction of the founding fathers to this drivel. I expect they would be apoplectic. What's particularly galling is Fischer's insistence that only the christian bible has truth. Adherents of other faiths, or no faith, don't seem to matter to this mountebank. His arrogance is appalling, but I suppose he must be suffused with rage as the world moves forward without him.

designing wally said...

Once again, someone that claims to be christian exhibits the fact that they cannot discern an objective statement from a subjective one.

I'm quite sure Paul was saying, "Be a exemplary citizen, recognize and respect Caesar's law as you would mine."