Friday, September 08, 2017

'Steve Bannon trying to get anti-LGBTQ former judge elected to Senate' & other Fri midday news briefs

Roy Moore

Why Steve Bannon’s Next Act Revolves Around Alabama And The Religious Right - Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon and his propaganda site, Breitbart, are working in Alabama to get Roy Moore elected to the United States Senate. This akin to Darth Vader teaming up Aliens to get them more food sources, but without the humor of the situation. If Moore gets to the US Senate, the LGBTQ community will have a new problem

DACA Reversal Could Be ‘Death Sentence’ for LGBTQ Immigrants - I repeat - Trump's awful move on DACA affects us too. 

Russia Isn’t Happy About Canada Secretly Helping LGBTQ Refugees Escape Violence in Chechnya - They can go to hell. Russia that is. 

Back-to-School Worries for Gay Parents- Glad this is getting noticed.

Trump DOJ To Supreme Court: Making Gay Wedding Cake Would Violate Baker’s Rights - By the way, this shit happened. I don't care how many people criticize Hillary Clinton. All I know is that HER justice department wouldn't be doing this crap. Let's get a little selfish, folks and think of our concerns too while some of us try to save the entire world. 

The First White President - Not necessarily an LGBTQ issue per se, but the piece is so smoking, so on-point that it needs to be read by ALL OF US.